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Cool and personal design! Unique!
Capture the attention of your friends and colleagues with a unique style. Comfortable wearing with its leather turn, this watch will go well with all your outfits.

The durable and breathable brown leather strap with stainless steel buckle adapts perfectly and comfortably to prevent accidental opening and falling.

Robust, the display is complete, the concept of use is ergonomic and its weight adapted.

The value of this watch is in its Design. On the arm, it does not look like a watch but a massive bracelet. You will discover hidden meaning in the drawing. Two squares on the dial rotate on top of each other at 45 degrees and form a simplified octagram: a star with eight ends. And like the octagram, the characters are found in many peoples of the world, in many religions, and everyone sees their meaning. A pleasure to realize that is inscribed in the circumference, the octagram symbolizes order, composition, and balance. In any case, this character is linked to spatial balance, creation, and eternity, the harmony between spirit and matter. Watch for amateurs. If we find its master, it will serve not only as a watch but also as a mascot.

 Dial Diameter: 44 mm, Band Width: 25 mm, Band Length: 26 cm.

Delivery: 30 Days.


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